Flesh of My Flesh – The Chinese Food Trap

Universe Premiere  Super Sci-Fi Story

宇宙初演 超空想科学奇譚  『食用人間~トリコジカケの中華料理~ 』


Universe Premiere  Super Sci-Fi Story

Flesh of My Flesh – The Chinese Food Trap

Japan/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Asian triple threat collaboration in a universe premiere performance!

They think they'll be safe by building a wall, but before long they realize that they are trapped inside that very same wall. Where did people come from and where are they going? This is the story of an island nation.

Asian Rib, founded in 2017 to translate and stage Asian drama, will present a new sci-fi masterpiece by Taiwanese playwright Lin Meng-Huan. This piece premiered as a reading in 2016 but was never staged. It was then picked up by Chinese-Japanese translator and director of Asian Rib, E-RUN (Yamazaki Rieko) and now it will have its universe premiere in Tokyo. This performance has been arranged especially for Japan. It is the fourth work in collaboration with playright Lin Meng-Huan. A winning combination!

Once again E-RUN has assembled a powerful team with stage and costume designer Bacchus Lee from Hong Kong, composer Sheng Lei who is attracting attention in New York and Taiwan, and Asian Rib's leading actor Chun-Peng Chou. A unique and dazzling Japanese cast rounds out the team. Don't miss it!

The Story

It is a future where human civilization has collapsed. Humans live in a huge prison city island. There is no food here, and tasteless nutritional jelly is occasionally sent out from food shooters. Min combines ingredient cards based on old records, and makes food with his imagination, and smacks his lips to his ideas of how they might taste. Min's older brother is consumed with hostility towards those on the other side of the wall. Min's wife, Shin-shin is pregnant. Shin-shin's brother is a recluse named John.

Although the family seems strange at first, they live a peaceful life. That is, until someone loses a finger.


Flesh of My Flesh – The Chinese Food Trap

Universe Premiere  Super Sci-Fi Story

<Schedule>  2020.7.27. (Mon) 〜2020.8.2. (Sun)
<Venue>      West End Studio
<Language> Japanese and Mandarin (with subtitles in Mandarin and English)

Written by        Lin Meng-Huan (Taiwan)
Translation        Rieko Yamazaki
Direction            E-RUN

        Inoue Hiroo
        Okuda Tsutomu (Studio Life)
        Fukaya Yurika (Kaki Ku Kyaku)
        Matsuda Masaki
        Chou Chun-Peng (Taiwan)

Stage Design,Costumes    Bacchus Lee (Hong Kong)
Lighting                Yokohara Yu
Composition         Lei Sheng
Sound                   Shima Takeshi
Technical director        Kuramoto Tetsu

English Subtitles        Clair Tanaka

Production Management    Ibi Keiko
In co-operation with    Studio Life,Kaki Ku Kyaku,is Inc.,bamboo co.,LTD.,DULL-COLORED POP,Asaba Yumi
Co-sponsored by        OUR THEATE (Taiwan)
Organized and Produced by     Asian Rib

Contact        asianrib2018@gmail.com


“This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh: let her name be Woman because she was taken out of Man. ”



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Launched in 2017, this project introduces Japanese translations of plays from Asia, as well as taking Japanese plays translated into Chinese and Korean to Asian countries. The purpose is for these works to generate collaborative works between Japan and other Asian countries, which can be transmitted to Asia and the rest of the world. Aside from its core members, AsiAn rib is a fluid project engaging with various artists, and creating works in a variety of styles.

Major Appearances

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August 2017,Taipei Fringe Festival

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December 2017,Taipei

"The Brotherhood"
Written by Lin Meng-Huan,Directed by Huang Yuqing,Dramaturge:Rieko Yamazaki
July 2018,Japan

"Japanese Contemporary Drama Reading"
August,October 2019,Taipei Chiayi

"A Dog's House"
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"Snow on The Roof"
Written by Hung Hung,Directed by Atsuko Aoyagi,Dramaturge:Rieko Yamazaki

"Asian Drama Reading" (Thailand Taiwan Korea)



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